NAWB Membership

A smart investment to help your organization grow.

What does NAWB do for you? 

Advocacy & Policy 

  • We serve our members directly, every day, through our advocacy on behalf of the public workforce system before state and federal policy makers, as well as business and industry. 

Not only do we pound the pavement for you, we synthesize developments in the workforce landscape and federal politics broadly, providing you with the updates you need to know about and the expert insights you need to hear. We do the work so you can focus on serving your region. 


  • We undertake initiatives like the Google Career Certificate Scholarships, the Workforce and SNAP E&T Community of Practice, and the Family-Centered Employment Initiative, which change the workforce landscape while providing value to members.  

Every NAWB program is a fast-track to member success– whether that’s through coaching and technical assistance or an invaluable funding or resource stream. We’re proud of the way our programs inhabit and create the cutting-edge, laying foundations which make broadly felt reverberations years down the line. 


  • We bridge the gap between members and industry. This means access to expertise, resources and opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere. 

When companies want to partner with the workforce industry to invest in our workforce, they come to us; as a result, when our members need the help or collaboration of industry, they’re able to do the same. 

Technical Assistance and Service 

  • We never stop working for you, and we are a phone call away.  

When you need support, call us.  Our expertise becomes your expertise; our network becomes your network; our power, which is the power of the whole workforce system, becomes your power specifically. 

A smart investment to help your organization grow.

We take great pride at NAWB in cultivating personal relationships with all of our members and work closely with our strategic partners to provide the tools and resources you need to be successful. 

At no time has the need for vision, leadership, and impact been more critical to our continued operational and strategic success, and NAWB has aligned our services and tools to maximize membership benefits during this critical time.

  • Advocacy: NAWB’s advocacy efforts focus on educating Congressional members and White House officials about the impacts of the workforce system in their local communities and how areas are successfully planning and executing workforce programs to maximize economic impact.
  • Communications and Outreach: NAWB’s award-winning communications tools continually inform America about the great innovations and customer successes of the workforce system.
  • Capacity Building: WIOA requires that workforce stakeholders up their game in leading and convening stakeholders in education and economic development to build regional economies.  Through professional development, boot camps, and one-day events, NAWB’s partnerships with national experts ensure that members have the skills and capacity ready for the next level of leadership.
  • Preferred Member Discounts: NAWB establishes relationships with national workforce and services providers. Members can leverage these strategic partnerships to save money at the local level. View available discounts »

Whether you’re a Workforce Board or an organization with an interest in workforce development, connect with us today.

Select the membership type below that best fits your organization, and click the Join button to get started. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Local or State Workforce Board

NAWB members can take advantage of world-class professional development events, regular workforce policy updates, unique strategic partnership opportunities, access to exclusive tools, and more. NAWB provides workforce development boards with the thought leadership and guidance they need to forge partnerships with businesses and understand industry priorities.  

NAWB membership for Local and State Workforce Development Boards extends to unlimited staff and Board of Directors. 

This dues category is based on your combined total WIOA funding dollars.

Total Budget Dues Amount
$1 - $999,999 $900
$1M to <$2M $1,000
$2M to <$3M $1,250
$3M to <$5M $1,800
$5M to <$7M $2,100
$7M to <$10M $2,300
$10M to <$15M $2,500
$15M $3,000

Join as Local or State Workforce Board

State and Regional Workforce Association

State and regional association memberships can help state and regional workforce associations learn, connect, and grow with the national, state, and local workforce systems. 

Annual Dues are a set fee of $1,500.00.

Join as State and Regional Workforce Association

State and Regional Organization

State and regional organization memberships are open to government, 501(c)3 organizations, and educational entities that directly support workforce development boards or provide workforce services.  

Annual Dues are a set fee of $1,500.00.

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National Organization

National organization memberships can help national associations, educational entities, and government organizations connect, partner, and grow with the workforce system.   

Annual Dues are a set fee of $2,000.00.

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State and Regional Affiliate

State and regional affiliate memberships can help local and regional businesses learn, connect, and partner with the workforce system.  

Annual Dues are a set fee of $1,500.00.

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National Affiliate

National affiliate memberships can help businesses learn, connect, and partner with the workforce system. 

Annual Dues are a set fee of $2,000.00.

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